Image View

• Photography

ImageView is an ergonomic, fast and convenient image viewer and browser. With a warp speed ImageView provides you the best experience to browse, view and edit images in large number of formats. Its’ lightweight and powerful interface is designed to make image viewing and management the most comfortable and easy. ImageView is a worthy alternative to the most viewers available on Mac OS X. It is really fast and requires not much memory providing you with really powerful and useful features.

HOW TO USE: Choose pictures to browse; use keyboard shortcuts, mouse wheal or built-in toolbar to manage images. You can view pics in full-screen or slide show and quickly check important data of the picture (image width and height, file size, format, etc). You can also manage your pictures: delete, rotate, zoom in or zoom out.

ImageView features: 

- Neat and clean interface – all options are easily located within a well-organized menu;

- You can easily browse pictures in a folder without selecting all images in the directory;

- Optimize your experience of viewing and managing images with the help of keyboard shortcuts, mouse wheal or built-in toolbar ;

- Enjoy internal picture editor and file management tools which allow you smoothly delete, rotate, zoom in and out pictures;

- View images in full-screen and slide show your pictures with the best quality;

- Appreciate the most overwhelming experience with Retina display support – the most vibrant colors and the sharpest details;

- Quickly check important data of the viewed pictures, such as image width and height, file size, format, resolution, etc; 

- Supports a great number of image formats.

Simplify your image browsing and management experience with ImageView!