Typing Tag

• Utilities

Typing Tag is a convenient tool for you not to confuse with different keyboard layouts. Point your mouse cursor at any text input field and you will see the layout indicator.

Have you ever been angry with a keyboard layout? Just imagine: you are typing something extremely important, almost finishing the phrase and suddenly realize that you are typing with a wrong layout. Seems familiar? Extremely irritating, isn't it? Typing Tag is an easy-to-use and convenient layout indicator, which saves your time and nerves. Type long texts without thinking about keyboard layout. No more worries about text you write, just type and watch the language flag. Typing tag is conveniently located in toolbar, so it provides easy access for you to switch it on or of when needed.

- Useful keyboard layout indicator
- Saves your time and nerves
- Minimalistic and convenient interface: app is located in status bar
- Perfect for touch typing
- Typing has never been so comfortable