Secure File Storage

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Tired of forgetting passwords? Secure File Storage is your personal document lock box on the Mac. Create secure, unique password to protect your logins, services, and apps. From now on, you won't have any problems concerning data protection. No matter how many users work with your Mac - be sure your private files and folders will stay secure. 

How to use: 
First, enter the password that will protect all the selected data. Select files and folders you want to be hided and protected by password. Drag and drop these files to the special field in Secure File Storage menu. All the dropped files are displayed in this field from now on. You can see a slider next to every chosen file. Moving a slider to the right you make the file absolutely invisible from the outside of the app's interface. There is no other possibility to access it but to launch the application and enter correct password. Data enciphering has never been so easy to manage. Enjoy the new level of file security.

- AES-256 encryption algorithm
- One secure password will protect all your important data
- File protection has never been so easy

Your confidential documents are clearly organized and securely stored in Secure File Storage.