Activity Time Tracker

• Lifestyle

Where does the time get to? Whether you need to know it for day planning or just have no idea how your work day is divided between social networks and target realization, our Activity Time Tracker will answer all your questions. The app allows you to track how much time do you spend on various services available on your Mac. Are you overly attached to social networks, do you spend too much time daily watching youtube videos or chatting with your friends. These and other questions won't bother you with the help of Activity Time Tracker. In other words - you will be able to organize your day optimally, save your time and spend it for something more profitable and valuable.

How to use: As you launch the application it starts to count the time you spend in every service you use daily. Check it in the evening to know, where does the time get to every day.

Activity Time Tracker features:
- Perfect time manager;
- Minimalistic user-friendly interface;
- Highly accurate time-counter.

Don't waste your time and be efficient via Activity Time Tracker!